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B.Sc / M.Sc Interior Designing & Architecture

    Interior Designing involves a collection of multi assignments that engage with organizing and decorating the interior structure into a useful environment for the array of human activities. An interior designer is an important person who executes such task. Interior design is a comprehensive job that incorporates concepts and design development.

    Interior Designer involves Planning, Functional design and efficient use of space involved in this work. An interior designer can start on projects that take in developing the basic layout of spaces inside a building as well as projects that necessitate an understanding of technical concern such as lighting, temperature, etc. An interior designer may desire to concentrate in a correct type of interior design in order to build up technical knowledge detailed to that area. Interior designing includes residential design, commercial design, universal design, exhibition design, etc.

    Interior design is a subject of much enjoyment or stress depending on how you look at it. If you like playing with colors, textures, fabrics, furniture & spaces, interior designing can be plenty of fun. The great thing about interior designing is you can change your entire surroundings wonderfully just applying your aesthetic sense. Any designer easily can enhance his/her own home because of eternal peace. Interior Designing is an art, it means how nicely can apply the designing sense and finally a well enhanced interior project can be done.


    For Bachelor degree, 10+2 Passed/Appearing candidates are eligible and for Master degree, graduate (any discipline) candidates are eligible. Students who are seeking for Diploma course, their minimum qualification is 10+2 Passed /Appearing

     Course outline:

    The first semester offers basic knowledge of drafting, brief guideline about geometric figures etc. Students must learn how to use scale and how to write in proper manner labeling. In this semester mentor tries to develop the communication skill and proper grooming as everyone can face the outsiders smartly along with presentable personality. This semester will provide basic fundamental knowledge on application software.

    The second semester provides proper knowledge about sub structure and super structure. Candidate must know about different type of foundation and types of building too. Special attraction of this semester is market survey and site visit by an assistants of mentor. This semester also provides methodical knowledge on art and graphic, interior furnishing, client and designers relationship etc.

    The third semester guides to enrich the candidates in different way because this semester onwards all candidates are capable to handle their project successfully. They can represent their work both manually and CAD/MAX presentation. This is the semester which attracts the students as mentor shares the knowledge of marketing research.

    The fourth semester plays vital role for all candidates because this semester onwards every candidate gets proper guideline to be a good interior designer and they can face variety campus interview for their interns or permanent job. They can develop their own career through this semester.

    The fifth semester gives plenty ideas about painting, defects of painting, how to protect building from termite, damp, fire etc. This semester's every candidate make commercial project like showroom, restaurant, boutique, polyclinic, health club etc. This semester helps to design any interior with a small touch of nature, so candidate will learn interior scaping and land scaping. This semester gives proper awareness to candidate regarding legal responsibilities of all interior designers.

    In sixth semester, student are qualified enough to execute any project with proper knowledge of costing and estimation. It is a final semester so most of the candidates must be absorbed by different eminent designer's firm.

    Course Structure:

    B.Sc. - ID (B.Sc in Interior Designing): 3 Yrs

    Basics of Drawing & Graphics

    Elements of Design

    Computer Fundamentals

    Art & Architecture History

    Business Management

    Communication & Soft skills

    Elements of Material

    Interior Furnishing

    Role of Interior Designer

    Elements of Services

    Indian Institute of Design


    Landscape Design

    Interior Design Studio project

    Construction Techniques

    Interior Furnishing

    Marketing Management

    Building Protection

    Painting Interiors

    Interior Design Method

    Design Decision Process

    Advance CAD

    Estimation & Costing


    M.Sc. - ID (M.Sc in Interior Designing): 2 Yrs

    Interior Landscaping

    Building Construction for Interior Designers

    Furnishing of Interiors

    History of Furniture

    Design Studio

    Communication & Soft Skills

    Advance Building Service

    History of Art & Architecture

    Material and Construction Technique

    Light & Colors in Interior Design

    Interior Estimation

    Sculpture & Modeling

    Project Management

    Ethics & Legal Practices

    Vaasthu in Interior

    Thesis Preparation



    Diploma -ID (Diploma in Interior Designing): 1 Yr.

    Elements of Interior Designing

    Architectural drawing

    History of Architecture

    Environmental studies

    Computer Aided Rendering Techniques

    Building Technology & Services

    Life spacing Planning

    Business Communication Skills


    Portfolio Development a& Project Work

    Adv. Diploma -ID (Adv. Diploma in Interior Designing): 2 Yrs

    Elements of Interior Designing

    Architectural drawing

    History of Architecture

    Environmental studies

    Computer Aided Rendering Techniques


    Portfolio Development a& Project Work


     Career opportunities:

    India's economic growth rate is very high and second to China. Students would be taking best decision for their career after pursuing Interior design course. As for the career opportunity, the real estate which has become the second largest employer just after agriculture is playing a big role in shaping and decorating the ambience of the structure.

     Profession in Virtual Set Design

    In today's world everyone is running behind virtual design and computer graphics. Introduction of CAD that is Computer Aided Design has made it possible to initiate and execute any kind of extensive design and projects. Students seeking admission for Interior Designing course can work with Disney, Pixar or some other Multinational gaming studio or animation studio as a virtual set designer who can create the interior structure of the game or 3D animated movies.

    Indian Interior Designers like KUMAR DAFTARI, UJJAL GANGULY, TWINKLE KHANNA, PUJA BEDI, etc. have already made their presence felt abroad. After 2-3 years designing experience, you can start your career as a “Designer” under well known eminent firms in Bangladesh, Middle East, Australia and U.K. Etc.

    Career opportunities in the field of Interior Designing

    Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, Exhibition Designer, Project Consultant, Landscape Designer, Display Artist, Design Consultant, Faculty in Interior Design Institutes, Commercial Complex Designer, Set Designer, Home Furnishing Designer, Tourist Resort Designer and other various opportunities are there as per professional skill of the students.

    Few names of Interior Designing Firms & Industries in India

    Home Décor pvt.Ltd. Interior Designer
    Lifestyle Interiors Monalisa Interior Decorators Pvt. Ltd.
    Subhaakritee Karukriti
    Future Group Element
    Design Studio Thar Interiors
    Mahalaxmi Interiors JNS Interior Pvt. Ltd.
    Interior designing Company Sanjivini Interior Designs
    Armani Interiors Interspace Designs Pvt. Ltd.
    Living arch Interiors Indian Interior Designs



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